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Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia (Woman Breast)

Gynecomastia is development of breast tissue in men

Abnormal male breast development stems from

      Elevated estrogen levels ( absolute or relative)

      Decreased androgen levels or insensitivity to androgens, possibly due to receptor insensitivity



Congenital & Acquired

Idiopathic 25% most common

      Neonatal: Exposure to high maternal oestrogen concentration in utero leads to the development of breast tissue in neonates.the proces resolves within few weeks of birth as the estrogen level returns to normal

      Pubertal: Estradiol-to-testosterone ratio is elevated in some boys, leading to gynecomastia in upto 65% of patients. Most instances resolve by the end of puberty (12 yrs to 16 yrs)

      Senile: Peripheral conversion of testosterone to estrogen by aromatase remain intact in the peripheral fat even as systemic production declines, causing elevation of the estrogen-to-testosterone ratio and including breast developement .



The initial approach to gynecomastia in adolescents should be conservative. Increased breast size is normal and usually transient, lasting no more than 2 years. If gynecomastia is excessive and lasts more than 2 years, a full evaluation of patient for possible etiology is indicated, to be followed by appropriate treatment.

Gynecomastia in young male is analogus to a breast deformity in the teenage female.occurance of an abnormality in a secondary sex characteristic at this critical emotional period in life, when the self image plays a major role, may produce significant psychological problem if not corrected.


Treatment Plan

      A soft, diffuse mass with no palpable glandular disc is fat and will respond to liposuction

      A firm, discrete mass in a thin adolescent boy is composed of pure glandular material. It cannot be removed by liposuction and should be excised through an inferior periareola incision.

      If on examination the breast mass suggest mixed glandular and fatty components, It should be treated with liposuction followed by direct excision.

Operation is mainly done as an o.p.d. procedure.






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